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Laser tag (laser paintball)

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Laser tag (laser paintball)

Active rest

1 person /hour/

7,07 €

Laser tag (laser paintball) is a dynamic tactical game in which shooting is simulated with a safe IR beam, and the hit is recorded by a sensor on the player's body.

Thanks to modern technologies, laser tag can be played by any company. The absence of uncomfortable masks and painful sensations allows you to play with friends, colleagues, children without fear for their safety.


The abundant use of additional accessories makes the game varied and brings a constant novelty effect.


Unlike other tactical games, the waiting time between rounds in laser tag is much shorter due to the ability to enter the game several times during one round, there is no need to buy balls, clean masks and refuel.

What do we offer. More than 30 sets, 5 types of equipment, various scenarios!


A laser tag game is very similar to a computer shooting game, as you can have multiple lives in it. The game is perfect for women and children, as it poses no danger and does not cause any pain. All this thanks to a special weapon that fires laser shots. With the help of laser tag, tactical skills are developed, and it becomes possible to improve long-range shooting. Plus, you don't need to wear uncomfortable clothing that hinders movement. Active rest here, in the fresh air, strengthens health and gives an unforgettable experience, you relax with family, friends or work colleagues.


Main advantages:

1. The game takes place without pain, which allows children and women to play. Complete safety for the player, since the infrared pulse is completely harmless to humans.

2. Long range of fire

3. You can play laser tag in any clothing convenient for you, without masks and protective suits

4. Laser tag is a real feeling of combat, especially tactically.


Cost: From  rubles per person / hour.


Answers to frequently asked questions

What is the minimum / maximum group?

Minimum group of 6 people for laser tag and 8 people for paintball.


If you are unable to assemble the minimum group, we can add you to another team.

How do I know that I am hit?


Each player is given mock-ups of weapons similar to real ones, the hit is fixed by a sensor on the player's body, when you hit someone else's sensor, it lights up, when they hit you, you will hear a sound signal about injury.


The weapon of the player who has run out of lives is disabled. Shooting, hits and all game events are voiced.




At what age can you play?


You can play Laser Paintball from 8 years old. If you have younger children, we can offer animation services.


A separate program will be organized for children in parallel with the game of laser tag / paintball.


Will there be an instructor with the children?


Yes of course! Throughout the game with the children, there is an instructor who conducts various scenarios of the game and ensures the safety of the game, if the group is from 16 people, two instructors work with the children.


 What is better paintball or laser tag?


Both games have their own advantages. Paintball is more suitable for fans of extreme recreation.


If you just want to enjoy the game, then it is better to choose Laser Tag, which is distinguished by a wide variety of scenarios and types of weapons, dynamism of battles and security, which allows you to play with any company.

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