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Active rest


Active rest

1 person /hour/

10,10 €

If you are looking for a paintball club in Abakan where you can have a great time, then the Camelot club invites you. Here you can enjoy the game, as well as use additional services.


Paintball in Camelot is a good way to organize your outdoor activities. In this game you will get the opportunity to paint your opponents in bright colors with the help of gelatin balls with shots, get a real rush of vivacity and adrenaline. Our paintball club allows everyone to try themselves in accuracy and will offer everything you need for this - uniforms, vests, as well as gloves and masks. Don't miss the opportunity to try a fun and positive game like paintball. The price of such pleasure will meet all your expectations.


More than 60 sets of equipment, two playgrounds (sports and tactical - 19th century fort!) For Paintball!


The cost

One person can play from rubles. Game from 6 people


This cost includes:


200 balls

Equipment and clothing rental

Placement area near the site

Refueling weapons with air

Instructor work

Your good mood and positive emotions! 😉

Often the battle is so exciting that there are not enough balls or you want to use more accurate weapons.

For the best game, we advise you to take along an additional 200-300 rubles for such a case.


Safety rules while playing paintball



I am physically and mentally prepared for participation in games and for possible physical stress and possible injury during games.


I will abide by all the rules of the game and use the equipment only in accordance with the named rules and the instructions received in such a way as to avoid injury to participants and organizers of the games.


I rent paintball and laser tag equipment and I admit that the equipment is in good working order.


In case of loss or breakdown of the rental equipment, I undertake to reimburse its full cost or the cost of its repair.


It is forbidden to play in a state of ALCOHOLIC intoxication.


I will unquestioningly obey all instructions and requirements of instructors and game organizers


I have read other provisions of the Samokhval Recreation Park and the Kamelot PC.

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